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Lynne Anderson

I have been studying pottery and ceramics since 1990, after enrolling in a foundation course for ceramics at TAFE Newcastle.  I completed the Diploma of Ceramics in 2019 at Coffs Harbour TAFE. 


I find beauty in form and function of pots and love the unpredictability of glazes and how they can react with each other.  I have dabbled in most areas of ceramics but return to the wheel time and again for the therapeutic nature of centring myself and creating a bowl or a mug from a lump of clay.


I am working with mid-fire clay and glazes now, as I want the stoneware durability for functional pots, which can be achieved at the lower end of the stoneware spectrum.  I love glaze on glaze decoration.


I love that I can finally be a full-time potter and teacher of pottery and ceramics, starting a new position as a TAFE ceramics teacher in July 2022.