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Claire Locker Potter

I have spent the past thirty years as a potter traveling 
Australia and the globe, combining studio work, exhibitions, lecturing and academic teaching in ceramics. 

Before moving to Newcastle I lived for ten years in regional NSW and found my creative spirit expanding and reproducing itself into ‘my dancing ceramic forms’. 

The simplicity of country living had translated itself to my ceramic forms, 
giving them a flowing strength and style. 

When I sit at my wheel – my work evolves from moods and thoughts and 
takes gentle shape flowing softly from my guiding hands. 

Tactile, soft and feminine shapes appear - it is the very essence of me - soft edges, balance and form. 

I love to make soft slab tableware that will be used and add beauty to everyday living. 
I often use the feminine form in my many pieces of functional tableware. 

I don’t drink tea but my forms always seem to have a handle and a spout, 
- making pieces and putting them together -  teapots

I have made hundreds of them over the years - feeding my desire for balance and form.

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