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Meri is multidisciplinary artist involved in ceramic and painting.  Her art is defined by the emotional influences of surrounding nature as a flow of line,colour and texture.


Being a survivor of war; her art is deeply emotional and influenced by contrasting experiences of her joy for life, peacefulness, and compassion with responses to memories and emotions of horror, sadness, and grief. She equally accepts and nourish the balance of goodness and adversity, hot and cold that coexists within her art as a reflection on the nature, the universe, true being.


Working with clay enhances her connection with the earth by meditative experience through transformation of clay into an object or sculpture, enjoying a creative process without expectations. An additional surface textures combined with slips, underglazes and glazes depicts the beauty of nature, metamorphosis and connection to the life itself.


Meri’s ceramic work is influenced by a scorched birch trees due to its resilience to rise and grow from the fire-swept land, providing a home to birds and insects in its birch woodland, and protecting animals and plants beneath its canopy. It represents her connection with the surrounding nature that allows her to feel free and at home wherever she goes.


In 2020, Meri completed Diploma of Visual Arts at Nepean Art & Design Centre/ TAFE NSW, where she was introduced to clay and hand building.  Craving for a new challenges and further experimentation she enrolled in Diploma of Ceramic at Gymea Ceramic & Design Studio /TAFE NSW, graduating in April 2022.


Meri exhibited her ceramic works across several galleries: Kerry Lowe Gallery/Newtown, Crack Pot Gallery/Freshwater, Broadhurst Gallery/Hazlehurst, Newcastle art Space/Newcastle, Back-to-Back Gallery/ Newcastle and Nelsons Bay Community Arts Centre/Nelsons Bay. 


Currently, Meri resides in Nelson Bay and is greatly inspired by its beautiful nature’s and continues exhibit her works at various art competitions and exhibitions. Her aim is to share the passion for art; inspiring wider audiences, expanding their boundaries to freely seek new experiences and to challenge themselves to live their dreams.                                   


Meri Andric

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