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June Wheen

My work varies from large blue/ copper red stoneware forms, to smaller fine carved porcelain. Often enhanced with lustres.

I have been working from my home studio in Soldiers Point for the past 4 years, usually accompanied by our two Labradors. I previously lived in Bathurst, where I had my own studio/workshop, and taught art/ceramics at a local high school. My work constantly evolves through the process of exploring forms, refining decoration techniques, and experimenting with glazes and lustres.

Most of my forms and decorations relate to both natural (from my local environment), and historical sources. Many of my pots are thrown on the wheel, but I also enjoy hand building, firings are done in both electric and gas kilns.

I enjoy making lidded vessels with particular detail to decorative feet and handles. Larger domestic forms are made in stoneware with bright blue and copper red glazes.

At the moment I am working with porcelain clay using celadon and copper red glazes, a range of decals, lustres, stamp designs, screen printing and carving are used to decorate both hand built and thrown forms. Working with clay, glaze and a way of life for me...….a constant source of frustration, fascination, lots of fun, and wonder.

I hope the pleasure I get from making my pieces shows in my work, and brings equal pleasure to those who use it.

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