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Heather Campbell $80.jpg
Heather Campbell

Heather has been fascinated  with clay from when she was about 

12 years old when she started digging clay from the clay bank on the edge of the road.


She was drawn to it's immediacy and how easy it was to work with.


Functional forms and domestic ware dominated her earlier work,

her more recent work has  focused on the female figure.


Heather says "The figure interests me as a sculptural contemporary form, something rather simplistic.

The figure may be missing ears or arms to express emotion.

Most of my forms are not detailed and are not classical."


Ideas come as you work, all the pieces are unique.

Most forms evolve over several days working on a form. Clay work is an on going problem solving exercise with many challenges to obtain the form you want and then you subject it to the vagaries of the fire where anything can happen.


My ideas are always changing there is a never ending search for inspiration and challenge in this art form

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