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Sharyn Lowe

In making and designing my pottery I seek to be technically sound, and of course, environmentally sound.   I also like to break the fundamental rules and work through and explore what is best for me, kind of thinking out of the circle. Clay has so much potential as to how it can be treated, but care needs to be taken not to take this potential for granted.


My pottery tells the story of me, even though the purchaser may never think of it that way, they may never think of how it was made or by who, as it now becomes part of their story for them to carry through life as their favourite dinner plate or breakfast bowl. This thought gives me satisfaction.


 I am forever asking the questions of what makes a good pot?  Is it the technical skills of working with clay or is it the “dressing” of a vessel with beautiful, well planned glazes, decoration, pattern or design.


For my work there is a balance where technical skills, the making of the vessel, compliment the artistic skills and this is where my journey with clay continues.


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