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Olivia Hamilton

Ceramics as a medium asks the potter to accept that the materials (clay, glaze), tools (wheel, kiln), and the weather (heat/cold, rain/dry) are all co-creators of our works. And the potter, too, is an essential part of the equation. I have found that working in clay makes the physical limits of invisible illness visible: there are days when my body feels off-centre, and thus, so too are my pots.


Within these limits, I set myself the challenge of striving for control, creating wheel-thrown forms that reflect my mood. From there, I alter, carve, apply additions of textured clay or slip, and decorate with underglazes, lush glazes, and metallic lustres. I enjoy making pots that explore process, walking the line between functional and art-object, and conceptual sculptures that explore questions of self, embodiment, and place

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