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The Essence of Nature

25th July  - 11 August 2024

 Opening Thursday 25th July

at 5.30 pm - 7.30 pm  with the artists.


        Anne Gazzard  Beth McDonald  Kerry McDonald


Anne Gazzard

In this exhibition, I have taken two sides of nature (the coast and forest) to explore and develop a body of work. I am fascinated by all things coastal, from ripples in pools to the scene of soldier crabs which inhabit our sand flats at low tide. The wildflowers and the botany in the coastal lowlands hold a place in my heart too.


Beth McDonald

My work features unglazed black mid-fire clay sculptures highlighting the simple beauty of nature and wheel thrown vessels with layered glazes for use every day.


Kerry McDonald

Kerry’s paintings are reflective of the natural beauty, textures and shapes of inland Australia. Having lived in a rural region for most of her life, she is primarily influenced by the colours and textural elements of the bush and the tranquillity and peace this environment provides.”

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