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Ian Potter $30 (2).jpg
Ian Potter

My clay work is earthy, honest, practical, and textured. My love of nature has led me to develop sculptural forms using rustic textures with matt and dry glazes.


Whilst travelling around Australia I became entranced by the ruggedness of the western coastline, rock formations and earthy colours. I also enjoy making a range of functional ware – especially bowls and large platters using traditional glaze on glaze techniques.


Through my work as a disability support person in ceramics classes I developed the idea of a clay horse. I also drew on ancient Chinese and Indian art influences, in particular the warrior horses. In them I saw values and ideals that resonated within my inner being - proud, strong, fierce, robust and loyal. Since I was a young child growing up in the rural Riverina region I have had a deep reverence for the horse and the freedom they symbolise. My sculptures reflect this.


I use a combination of slabs, coil, throwing and altering in my work. My vision is to try to get my pieces to look like they have been dug up out of the earth – very rustic and robust.

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